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Panthers Defeat Citrus in Girls’ Weighlifting

The Girl’s Weightlifting Team continued their dominance over Citrus High School with 2 Wins!

Varsity won 46-44

JV won –       44-28


The Varsity is now 4-1

The JV is now 3-1


Scoring from the Meet



1st Place                                               2nd Place                                              3rd Place

Cloretha Griffin                                Desiree Roy                                        Emily Sterken

Alyssa Androski                                Casey Evangelista                            Angel Mitchell

Taylor Young                                     Missy Forges                                      Aysha Martin

Alexis Evangelista                           Alexandra Ramallo                          Khayilla Louissaint

Ember Oglesby                                                                                                

Harrison Mancke




1st Place                                              2nd Place                            3rd Place

Mariluz Valenzuela                         Emily Worthen                 Ellen Farnsworth

Sydney Roessler                               Ashley McSharry              Alllysandra Franklin

Taylor Kempton                               Kristina Davies

Kaitlynn Behnen                              Tessa Lamb

Aija Farrington

Halle Becker


The Varsity heads to Bradford High School – Friday Evening