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LHS Prom 2017

The 2017 “Old Hollywood” LHS Prom will be held April 22nd from 8pm-12am at the Black Diamond Ranch Club House, dress code applies.

The dress code is as follows:
  • No see-through midriffs
  • The front and back of the dress cannot be revealing or too low cut
  • The back of the dress cannot go below the waist
  • The front and back of the dress must be floor length
  • No flip flops or athletic footwear will be permitted
  • Along with any type of jean apparel
  • Tuxes or suits must have ties and blazers
  • Do not bring masks from home
Any concerns about special exceptions to the dress code contact Mr. Allen.

To enter the event, you must have your ticket and some form of ID (license / school ID). Any guests must have a guest application on file through attendance. If you do not come to the dance with proper dress code, ID, and ticket you will be denied access to the dance and be asked to leave.

Dancing at prom will be face to face only, any inappropriate dancing will result in the lights being turned on for the rest of the evening. If it happens again, those who are seen will be escorted out.

Tickets will be $25 for seniors and $40 for underclassmen and approved guests.

Food will not be provided.