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Driverless cars make their way to London.

Oxbotica, a autonomous car development company, is testing driverless cars in London’s O2 Arena. One hundred citizens of the area are participating.

In Greenwich, London, over 5,000 people have applied to be a part of this practice run. However only 100 were selected.
The prototype vehicle can be found driving riverside, down a two mile path in Greenwich, London. The road is shared by pedestrians and bike-riders alike.
The prototype shuttle is controlled by five cameras and three lasers that conveys the area around it to Selenium.
The on-board advanced AI, called selenium, maps out the area around it, and uses it to set up it’s projected course.
There is no steering wheel, or breaks pedals on board. The shuttle is completely controlled by a computer.
However, a trained professional will be on board in the case of an emergency.
The shuttle seats 4 including the on board professional, the vehicle travels at a maximum speed of 10MPH.

“We hope to gain acceptance from members of the public for vehicles sharing this kind of space with them.

“We are also looking at how people in the vehicle respond when being transported from A to B.” – Executive Graeme Smith, told the BBC

Oxbotica wants to have driverless cars on real roads by 2019.