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Boys Track Team Wins Kiwanis Invitational

On Friday February 19th – the Panthers’ Boys/Girls Track & Field teams traveled to Mount Dora High School for their annual Kiwanis Invitational.  Teams present- Eustis, Lake Weir, Umatilla, Mount Dora, Villages, Tavares & Lecanto.

The boy’s team dominated the scene with a 1st place finish scoring 160.5 points while the girls team finished in 2nd place with 115.5 points.  More impressive evidence to prove this season will be bright.


Individual Performances:



1st Place- Claire Farnsworth- 1600m run- 5:30.05

1st Place- Claire Farnsworth- 3200m run- 12:01.03

1st Place- Harrison Mancke- discus- 119’2″

1st Place- Harrison Mancke- shot put- 35’6.5″

2nd Place- 4×100 relay- Breise Teitelman, Kaitlin Zoucha, Lydia Royalty, Danielle VanQuelef – 56.96

3rd Place- Breise Teitelman- 400m dash- 1:06.97

3rd Place- Lydia Royalty- high jump- 4’8″

3rd Place- Danielle VanQuelef- 100m hurdles- 18.4

3rd Place- Danielle VanQuelef- 300m hurdles- 53.92

3rd Place- 4×400 relay- Maureen Gillespie, Megan Houpt, Kelley Sullivan, Breise Teitelman- 4:51.22

4th Place- Emily Hellstern- pole vault- 7’0″

4th Place- Breise Teitelman- triple jump- 30’6″

5th Place- Linda Manyenga- pole vault 6’6″

5th Place- Kelley Sullivan- 800m run- 2:52.79

5th Place- Dana Houpt- high jump- 4’4″

6th Place- Maureen Gillespie- 800m run- 2:56.88

6th Place- Ellen Farnsworth-3200m run- 13:51.30

7th Place- Sydney Roessler- 3200m run- 14:18.06

7th Place- Kaitlin Zoucha- 100m hurdles- 20.01

8th Place- Kaitlin Zoucha- 300m hurdles- 58.74

8th Place- Catherine Schlabach- triple jump- 27’5.5″




1st Place- Travis McGee- 100m dash- 12.05

1st Place- Toriano McPhee-high jump- 5’8″

1st Place- Dakota Solomon- triple jump- 40’8″

1st Place- Greg Buettner – 400m dash- 53.59

1st Place- Sean Murray- 3200m run- 10:54.53

2nd Place- Mackenzie Woods- 3200m run- 10:56.80

2nd Place- Jacob Sullivan – shot put- 43’8″

2nd Place- Toriano McPhee- long jump- 18’10.5″

2nd Place- Easton Conner- 100m dash- 12.16

3rd Place- Easton Conner- triple jump- 40’6″

3rd Place- Greg Buettner- 800m run- 2:07.63

3rd Place- Ian Britt- 3200m run- 10:58.90

3rd Place- Dakota Solomon- pole vault- 9’0″

3rd Place- Sean Murray- 1600m run- 4:53.66

3rd Place- 4×100 relay- Travis McGee, David Schwalm, Okey Nkwocha, Easton Conner- 48.24

4th Place- Ian Britt- 1600m run- 5:04.26

4th Place- Easton Conner- 300m hurdles- 47.24

5th Place- Mackenzie Woods- 1600m run- 5:05.60

5th Place- Jacob Sullivan- discus- 103’1″

5th Place- Chase Benoist- 3200m run- 11:18.69

7th Place- Osiris Patrick- 800m run- 2:20.72

7th Place- Okey Nkwocha- 200m dash- 25.47

8th Place- Nathaniel Squires- 800m run- 2:21.42

8th Place- Toriano McPhee- 300m hurdles- 48.67

8th Place- Toriano McPhee- triple jump- 36’2″

8th Place- Dakota Solomon- long jump- 17’5″


The Lecanto boys/girls Track & Field teams are back on the road again next Friday at Tavares for the Bulldog Invitational- 17 schools.